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MAGAWOOD: Californians Construct Second ‘Hollywood’-Style Trump Sign in California

The MAGA Movement will not be thwarted in California.

In the history of modern politics, there is perhaps no supporter group as enthusiastic and as excitable of those who follow President Donald J. Trump.

Of the two parties’ bases, they are certainly the louder and more visible on the national stage, and their entrepreneurial spirit has brought to life a number of unsanctioned events and rallies meant to behoove the President’s reelection chances.

There have been numerous vehicle caravans around the country, with plenty more in the works in the days to come.  There have even been boat flotillas on local lakes, one of which made the national news for the unfortunate calamity that occurred there.

This week, fans of the President erectedsecond massive Hollywood-style “TRUMP” sign in California, after the first was flattened by local authorities.

A large “Trump” sign — similar to the American landmark “Hollywood” sign that overlooks Los Angeles — was spotted in Riverside County along route 91 on Tuesday.

“They did it again in Cali. Orange County on Anaheim Hills on Rte 91. MAGA!” wrote one individual on social media, alongside a purported photo of the Trump sign.

The first time someone attempted to install such a sign, local authorities deemed it a “distraction” and undid their work. 

Earlier this month, another similar “Trump” sign made up of large white letters appeared in the Sepulveda Pass hills near the 405 Freeway but was promptly taken down by authorities, according to a report by Los Angeles Times.

Laura Wonder , chief public information officer for the California Department of Transportation, noted that this particular sign had actually been on private property and that department workers “laid it down so it wasn’t a visual distraction,” but did not go as far as to remove it due to it being on private property.

There’s no telling how long this latest installation could last.

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