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Mainstream media catches up to online amateur investigators in Epstein ‘temple’ inquiry

The focus has now turned to ‘Little Saint James’ Island, owned by the wealthy financier.

Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest has sent the internet into a frenzy.

For years prior to seeing the previously-convicted pedophile in handcuffs this week, online investigators and conspiracy theorists have been attempting to piece together the true scale of Epstein’s crimes.  Through the public release of court records, and a little help from Wikileaks, the story of the wealthy financier’s sordid behavior is now coming into focus.

One of the most bizarre pieces of the puzzle has long been Epstein’s private island, nicknamed Little Saint James.  On the island is a bizarre building, resembling a temple, that the mainstream media is just now beginning to pontificate upon.

The latest buzz about the Jeffrey Epstein child sex-trafficking case regards a temple-like structure on his private island — an island he calls “Little St. Jeff’s,” but one St. Thomas locals called “Pedophile Island” or “Orgy Island.” It is on this 72-acre island that Epstein allegedly ferried in young women on a boat named the “Lady Ghislaine.” Epstein’s friend and former partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, is a British socialite who has been accused of acting as Epstein’s madam.

Of course, Epstein’s history of abhorrent behavior may have influenced these theories.

Those with knowledge of the island have a much more mundane take on the strange structure.

There have been varying explanations for the blue-striped “temple.” While the Associated Press account of it was benign, INSIDER’s story about it turned up something that is potentially nefarious.

The AP, citing workers, said that the building may have functioned as a glorified and grandiose music room, complete with a grand piano and “acoustic walls.” It’s been said that Epstein is classically trained. But the INSIDER account is raising eyebrows because an engineer and contractor named James Both commented that the wooden door of the structure appeared to be designed to keep people in, rather than keeping people out.

Prosecutors in the current case against Epstein have already uncovered a treasure trove of evidence from Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, including possible thousands of inappropriate photographs of underage women and labeled compact discs being stashed in Epstein’s safe.

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