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Mainstream Media Pundit Fantasizes About Trump Diagnosis Sinking SCOTUS Appointment

“What’s in it for me?” is a bad look right now.

Well, this might be a record:  It took less than 12 hours for one of the infotainment industry’s most prominent figures to openly ponder how President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis could benefit the Democrats.

While much of the world was busy sending well wishes to the President and the First Lady, social media users from the left side of the aisle seemed to side with China, who openly mocked President Trump for coming down with the disease.  The range of leftist sentiments online ran the gamut from he deserved it to we hope the worst happens, reminding us all that political radicalization is an ugly and unforgivable thing at times.

And then there was the media, who immediately turned the knobs on their “What If” machine to 11, spewing all manner of ridiculous hypotheses about what could happen in the coming days.

For Joe Scarborough, there was hope that the President’s illness could somehow stop the Republicans from appointing Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

From a Friday broadcast:

“We’re talking about the campaign, but also again, it’s very important for everyone that has been exposed, especially when you’re talking about the Supreme Court nominee, the President Trump Supreme Court nominee, has she been exposed? Has Mitch McConnell been exposed?” Scarborough wondered. “It sounds like they likely have, and if that’s the case, that’s something that obviously pushes any hearings back at least two weeks, at least three weeks. The president obviously telling us from the debate stage on Tuesday night he wants to expedite her nomination as quickly as possible because he wants her vote on any challenge that he has to the outcome of election results. If you do the contact tracing, it seems that that is unlikely to happen over the next few weeks, at least until everybody is cleared.”

Barrett was diagnosed with COVID months ago, making a full recovery before she was even mentioned as a potential nominee.  Prominent congressional leaders are now being tested regularly as well, and there has been no indication that the Supreme Court process will be stymied by this latest news.

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