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Mainstream Media Spars with Trump Over President’s Use of Hydroxychloroquine

There is currently no vaccine or cure for COVID-19, just as there is no cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

President Trump dropped a bit of a bombshell on Monday, and it sent much of the mainstream media into a tizzy.

During an afternoon press conference, Trump made mention of the fact that he was indeed taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative medicine against the novel strain of coronavirus that has sparked this global pandemic.  The powerful anti-malarial drug had previously been at the center of a media-concocted controversy that was quickly debunked, in which many pundits pushed the idea that Trump himself had a financial stake in the medicine maker.  The reality was much more benign, with some one-off mutual fund held by the Trump family having a tertiary connection.

Still, when Trump announced that he had been taking the drug, the media lost their minds.

 MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Tuesday reacted to President Donald Trump saying he has been taking hydroxychloroquine once a day for a little over a week as a treatment for the coronavirus.

Scarborough assured his audience that Trump is not taking the malaria drug, saying it is merely a “distraction” from “his failures” and that he is under investigation.

“This certainly was thrown out as a distraction, because the president always wants to distract from his failures and certainly, probably now wants to distract from the fact that the secretary of state was being investigated and that the president was being investigated for Saudi arms sales, so they fired the investigator,” Scarborough opened his program. “That’s, of course, what the Senate is now doing — they’re investigating the investigators because they’ve been caught time and time again. But when the President of the United States actually says he’s doing something which, let me assure you, he is not doing. Let me assure you, the President of the United States is not taking hydroxychloroquine. In all the time that I knew him, I only sat for one meal with him. And before that meal, he had wipes like this high and would just go through the wipes, compulsively, and wipe his hands, sanitize his hands before eating anything. So he is not taking something that his own administration has said will kill you, that his own FDA said will kill you, that the VA said will kill you.”

And Scarborough wasn’t the only one…

Hydroxychloroquine can be extremely dangerous to certain segments of the population and should only be used under the supervision of medical professionals.

There is currently no vaccine or cure for COVID-19, just as there is no cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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