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Mainstream Pundit Reveals Possible Ploy by Hillary Clinton to Get into White House Again

Has the Former First Lady been hatching a plot to get back into the West Wing?

Hillary Clinton has built quite a reputation for herself over the years, and it’s not necessarily a very stately look that she’s cultivated.

The former Secretary of State appears to be power-hungry at times, and willing to trample anyone who stands in her way…including the voters of the Democratic Party.  In 2016, Clinton was revealed to have colluded with the DNC in order to rig the primary elections against Bernie Sanders, which in turn fomented a mass exodus within the party itself.  This fleeing of voters certainly contributed to her loss to Donald Trump in the general election that year, and is something that a great many within the Democratic base have yet to forgive Clinton for.

Now, with 2020 looming and Clinton not yet in the race, there are some who feel as though her entry is inevitable, even if that means that the former First Lady will arrive in an unconventional fashion.

Hillary Clinton may be angling for a spot on Joe Biden’s presidential ticket, Fox News contributor John Sununu said Monday.

“I think as almost everything the Clintons do, there is a bigger purpose behind what’s going on,” Sununu told “America’s Newsroom.”

“I think she is actually angling to be the vice presidential nominee hoping the party will understand that if Biden is the nominee, they have to have a backup there that the public has confidence in.”

As for Clinton’s recent bashing of Bernie Sanders, Sununu believes that this was all a part of the plan.

“This all had a purpose,” Sununu said of Clinton’s seemingly ambiguous praise for the former vice president. “The purpose was to reinforce Biden getting the nomination. If that fails, [the purpose was] to reinforce the fact she would be the better alternative, not Bernie. And then, to reinforce the fact that if Biden does get the nomination, she would add to the ticket more than anyone else.”

“It’s all structured around the Clinton agenda, not the agenda of the Democratic Party,” he added.

Including Clinton would be a huge gamble for Biden, given that he himself has already made mention of his own age and health in reference to the need for a strong Vice President.

If the hypothetical announcement were made before the Democratic National Convention, it could potentially cause a great deal of chaos for the party on its biggest stage – thus cementing the reelection of Donald Trump.

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