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Mainstream Pundit Suggests Trump’s Return to White House is Akin to ‘Manslaughter’

This little bit of hyperbolic bollocks is just the latest desperate attack from the infotainment industry.

On Monday evening, President Donald Trump made a dramatic return to the White House after being admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday, having tested positive for COVID-19.

Throughout the weekend, a number of conflicting reports about the President’s health were swirling about the media landscape, with his doctors admitting that the Commander in Chief had suffered a number of drops in his blood-oxygen levels, and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows painting a far grimmer picture than others were letting on.

The short stay was worrisome to many Americans, as the President’s doctors were unable to deny that Trump wasn’t “out of the woods” just yet.  COVID-19 has a nasty habit of ramping up in severity quickly and unapologetically, leading many to wonder if Trump’s return to the White House may have been a bit premature.

For MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, the fact that the President is still contagious was a real sticking point.

Speaking to co-host Joe Scarborough on Tuesday:

“I just wonder, Joe, I mean, you’re a lawyer and maybe the president is just immune from everything, because he said, ‘Maybe I am immune now.’ Is he legally immune?” she said. “What if his Secret Service men and women, who have to drive him around in these vans and get exposed to his deadly coronavirus, what if one of them gets sick and dies? What if someone at that Rose Garden event gets sick and dies?”

“I don’t want this to happen, and I wish for his health. But I’m just wondering, he’s pushing all of this against the advice of the professionals in his government, against the advice of scientists. At some point, isn’t this manslaughter? I mean, if you purposely put people in a position where you send a deadly virus their way, what is that?” Brzezinski asked.

The President tweeted that he was “FEELING GREAT” on Tuesday, and indicated that he plans to still participate in the next presidential debate, set for October 15th.


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