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‘Mandalorian’ Star Booted Over Tweet in Wild Disney Hypocrisy

This is just plain old bias right here.

As “cancel culture” continues to be the scourge du jour in society today, some have asked by there appears to be a terrible disparity between the treatment of folks on both sides of the cultural blade.

This week, a very cogent and potent example of this alleged bias came to light after Disney fired one of the stars of hit show The Mandalorian over her comparisons between modern politics and Nazi Germany.

The issue, however, is that she’s not the only one who has invoked such imagery, but she’s the only one who’s being punished.

The Walt Disney Co. dropped actress and MMA star Gina Carano from its hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian on Thursday, caving to a cancel campaign after the actress compared the current political climate to Nazi Germany on social media. But in what appears to be a corporate double standard, her co-star Pedro Pascal has also conflated current politics with Nazi Germany and remains employed by the studio.

The difference is that while Carano compared current Democratic policies to the Nazis, Pascal likened the Trump administration to Germany’s Third Reich.

So, what did Pascal say?

In a 2018 tweet, actor Pedro Pascal attempted to smear the Trump administration by comparing the detention of migrant children at the border to Nazi concentration camps. Pascal used the hashtag #ThisIsAmerica while juxtaposing photographs of a Nazi concentration camp dated 1944 and what appears to be a photo of migrant youths in a border facility.

The double standard, while not terribly surprising, is certainly enraging, especially as President Joe Biden continues to call for “unity” and “healing”.


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