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Manhunt Underway in Arizona After Another Ambush Targeting Police Officers

This terrifying new trend of anti-police violence is staggering.

A terrible new phenomenon is sweeping the nation this week, as police officers are being hunted for sport by what we can only assume are politically-motivated agitators.

2020 has been a time of great unrest here in the United States, with a number of large-scale, long-lasting protests taking place from coast to coast.  The topics being covered include both racial injustice and police brutality, with that latter motivation becoming a more intense discussion by the minute.

Now, as protesters turn radical in places like Portland, a number of incidents of violence against the police have erupted, including the latest from Arizona.

Arizona police are searching for a second suspect involved in an “ambush-style shooting” of an officer on Thursday morning, state troopers announced.

A silver Infinity pulled up to an unmarked car on Roosevelt Street in Pheonix, in which an Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) detective sat. A passenger got out of the Infinity and opened fire on the detective, who returned fire, according to a report.

“Our detectives were wearing police attires, easily identifiable as police officers. We’re here simply supporting another operation going on nearby,” said Capt. Jesse Galvez, FOX 10 reported.

A second AZDPS officer responded to the scene and assisted in apprehending the shooter. The second suspect–the driver in the Infinity–however, fled the scene and remains at large.

Neither officer, nor the shooting suspect, was injured, the AZDPS said.

The apprehended shooter was only 17 years old.  Police have yet to release any further information about the suspected driver.

The news comes within hours of New Jersey police asking for information regarding a drive-by shooting that targeted two police officers in their homes just last night.

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