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MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Mueller Report Set to Be Released on Thursday

Forget about Game of Thrones, this is the most anticipated release this week.

At long last, we might get some answers in the case of the Mueller report.

For twenty two long months, Robert Mueller and his team toiled over innumerable pieces of alleged evidence, purporting that, perhaps, the President himself was some sort of Russian double agent.  All the while, the American people waited and worried.

Let’s be clear here:  Even the most ardent supporters of the President were secretly shaken to their core.  What an unfathomable reality it could be that the President of these United States was compromised by The Kremlin.  This would be one of history’s most incredible storylines, and, given the gravity of the accusations, there was no reason not to be worried.

In a lot of ways, the entire RussiaGate scandal was too big to be nothing, and that rightfully scared some folks.  What ridicule the MAGA crowd would face if irrefutable evidence of “collusion” was provided!

According to Attorney General Bill Barr’s summary letter to Congress, this is not the case, thank God.  Now, however, it is time for full transparency in the case, so the nation can both heal and draw up a map that keeps us from ever traveling down this road again.

This process will begin on Thursday.

The Justice Department said Monday that it plans to release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report this Thursday on alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

The announcement comes after Attorney General William Barr testified before Senate lawmakers last week that the highly-anticipated report would be released “next week.”

And, since We The People did pay for it….

Justice Department spokesperson Kerri Kupec said the redacted report would be given to Congress and also made available to the public.

Now the only question will be, “did we get enough?”.


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