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Maxine Claims Trump Wants People of Color to ‘Live Under Domination of White Supremacy’

This divisive rhetoric comes at a very perilous time for our nation.

There has been no shortage of speculation as to what lies in the heart of President Donald Trump as of late, but none of it seems to come from a place of understanding.  Instead, we have been inundated with negative outlooks and damning attacks.

Our nation, driven into corners by the mainstream media, looks at every action that this President takes as landing on one side or the other of the line between D.  There is no middle ground anymore, because that would make life harder for the advertisers who cater their marketing to Fox News and CNN specifically.  They know how to appeal to a divided nation, because the media has galvanized the imagery that is meant to appeal to you.

On Fox News, Ford will run ads for F-150’s.  On CNN, you’re more likely to see a Lincoln ad that emphasizes what they’re going to protect the environment.

The mainstream media is turning us into angry suckers, and our politicians are playing along.

Take Maxine Waters, for example, who this week reinforced her belief that Donald Trump was some sort of supreme racist.

Sunday on MSNBC, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) discussed President Donald Trump’s retweeting of a video this morning of an apparent supporter shouting “white power.”

Host Alex Witt said, “So let’s get to the tweet. It has been removed from the president’s Twitter feed. The White House is saying the president did not hear the one statement that we just highlighted until the video, but what is your reaction? Do you think the president was willfully pushing an agenda, or would he be unaware of what is being said there eight seconds into the video.”

Waters said, “Well, you know, we have learned a lot about this president. And so it’s not believable what he said he did not hear it. As a matter of fact, since he’s been president and increasingly we’re hearing all kinds of racist comments. People, the white men who just did that, they felt empowered by this president, that it is all right to do this now, to talk like this. So he’s responsible for the growing division, the more racist comments that we are hearing.”

But Maxine’s final words were the ones that truly reeked of divisive drivel.

She concluded, “As he said, we have to take back our country. Who he is talking about taking it back from? Basically, he’s talking about whites being in total power, and total control and blacks and people of color and others are having to live under the domination of white power as they see it.”

And so the nation remains in a state of perpetual fear and anger.

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