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Maxine Waters Refuses to Accept Mulvaney Correction, Calls Trump ‘Most Corrupt Man in America’

Waters is going above and beyond this week to insult the President.

California Representative Maxine Waters is no fan of Donald Trump, that is for sure, but her latest criticisms of the White House defy reality.

As the “resistance” movement grew into a violent and radical national nightmare, Maxine Waters was right there cheering the chaos on, pushing for further incivility and incitement.  Infamously, Waters called on her constituents to confront conservative Americans during everyday situations, to form mobs, and to make their fellow countrymen feel “unwelcome”.

Just days later, this dog whistle would bring results, with then-Press Secretary Sarah Sanders being chased out of a Virginia restaurant by radical leftists.

Now, in a stunt nearly as brazen as that, Waters is refusing to accept the White House’s correction of a statement made this week by Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, and is also insulting the President in the process.

During an appearance on CNN, the Congresswoman had the following to say:

“Well, that’s typical of Trump and all of his minions around him. They say what is on their mind asks then when they discover they’ve messed up they try to so-called walk it back. So Mulvaney said exactly what was going on. There was a quid pro quo. Absolutely. He can try and walk it back all he wants, but just think about this. The president is talking about the reason he’s into this altogether is simply he’s trying to get the president of the Ukraine to investigate corruption. He’s the most corrupt man in America, the president of the United States who has cheated, you know, contractor, subcontractors, won’t show his own tax returns to Americans, who has cheated students who in the fake university so-called up in New York, the Trump University and he’s talking about, he’s going all of the way to Ukraine so that he can get the president to investigate corruption. Give me a break. They’re liars. They’re cheaters. These are con men. So Mulvaney said exactly what was on his mind and he discovered he messed up. So you messed up, but you told the truth and guess what? You’re all going to get caught.”

This is unsurprising, given just how viscously opposed Maxine Waters is to the entire Trump presidency, but it does serve the purpose of reminding America that the radicalization of our political environment is one of the more insidious threats that we face as a nation today.

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