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Mayor Pete Buttigieg turns nasty in latest bit of 2020 bickering

And his targets aren’t exactly who you’d expect!

There are now two dozen democrats running for the office of the President in 2020, but you wouldn’t know it from watching the mainstream media.

In the eyes of the infotainment industry, it is essentially a three-way race between former Vice President Joe Biden, former Indianapolis Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Independent Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders.

Biden has long been seen as the frontrunner, having taken a wildly large lead over Bernie Sanders after the former VP’s delayed entry into the race.  Bernie’s numbers tend to wax and wane a bit, but he has been hampered by a nagging notion that convicted, imprisoned felons like the Boston Marathon Bomber should be allowed to vote.

That leaves Mayor Pete, who recently received a standing ovation after a Fox News town hall event, drawing the ire of President Trump both before and after the event.

But did Buttigieg let the “Fox bump” go to his head?  His most recent bits of rhetoric have been unusually salty.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg raised the volume Thursday on his criticism of President Trump, accusing him of using his “privileged status to fake a disability” decades ago in order to avoid military service in the Vietnam War.

The South Bend, Indiana mayor also likened the GOP president to a “crazy uncle” and effectively called Trump a racist during an hour-long interview with The Washington Post.

Mayor Pete went on to attack fellow democrat Joe Biden as well, going after a 1994 crime bill that Biden peddled while in the Senate.

Buttigieg said that “from a South Bend perspective, the bad outweighs the good,” adding that there’s a broad consensus “that that bill contributed to mass incarceration in a country that is the most grievously incarcerated in the world.”

“I think the incarceration did so much harm that I would think that even those who were behind the ’94 crime bill, at least many of them, would do it differently if they had a chance to do it again,” he said.

And to think, this is what the democrats sound like at the top of the heap.  

Imagine what the scene will look like once we add 20-some participants who are polling in the less than 1% category to the mix on the debate stage!

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