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McCarthy Takes BRUTAL Shot at Nancy Pelosi Ahead of Biden Speech

Oh, this is too good!

Ask anyone who’s spent any significant amount of time observing American politics what their general impression of this national nonsense is, and you’re likely to get answers from “embarrassment” to “bloodsport”.

This has been especially true in recent years, after Donald Trump’s arrival on the DC scene threatened to upend the cushy, comfortable existence of the establishment itself.  This whipped the Beltway bottom feeders into a frenzy, as they tried to quell the populist uprising that Trump represented, further demolishing our democratic decorum in the process.

Proof of this barbaric de-evolution came during one of Trump’s State of the Union addresses, in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of the speech, live, on-camera, while standing behind the President himself, in an act of such blatant and belligerent selfishness that it won’t soon be forgotten.

Or repeated, at least according to new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Tuesday he has no plans to tear up President Biden’s State of the Union speech, a stunt former Speaker Nancy Pelosi pulled at the end of Trump’s final State of the Union speech in 2020.

McCarthy will sit with Vice President Kamala Harris behind Biden during the State of the Union address tonight, and he tweeted Tuesday that “a lot of people have been asking” if he would repeat Pelosi’s move from three years ago. But McCarthy said it won’t happen.

McCarthy’s inference to Pelosi’s actions left little room for misinterpretation.

“I don’t believe in the theatrics of tearing up speeches,” McCarthy said in a video accompanying his tweet. “I respect the other side, I can disagree on policy. But I want to make sure this country is stronger, economically sound, energy independent, secure and accountable.”

The GOP’s retaking of the House majority may very well be one of the key steps toward restoring political sanity here in the United States, but you can bet that the Democrats will have a flailing flare-up in the short-term in an attempt to sow chaos and blame their political opponents.

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