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McConnell Lashes Out at Coming Impeachment ‘Resolution’ as ‘Codifying’ Unfair Process

With a vote possibly occurring as soon as Thursday, McConnel and the GOP are getting out ahead of the spin.

Mitch McConnell, like many of his republican colleagues, is unhappy with just how the Democrats are proceeding through this unusual “impeachment” process, but has done his best to remain stately in his criticisms.

McConnell, as a longtime member of Congress, knows that stooping to the deplorable decorum of the liberal left will only embolden their “resistance” schtick, and bring forth ever more radicalization on the front-lines of American political culture.

So, Mitch is keeping it classy as he berated the possible “impeachment resolution” vote that could take place on Thursday.

McConnell’s concern parrot similar talking points from House Rep. Matt Gaetz and the writing team over at Breitbart, who summarized the issues of the resolution succinctly.

As Breitbart News’s Joel Pollak extensively detailed, there are five key issues with the resolution:

1. The resolution gives authority to the House Intelligence Committee that it has never had before.
2. The resolution does not provide the minority with equal subpoena power, as in the past.
3. The resolution waters down minority powers over the release of Intelligence transcripts.
4. The resolution does not compel the release of past testimony.
5. The resolution restricts the president’s right to be represented.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham similarly slammed the political maneuver, declaring that the resolution reiterated the Republican belief that the process so far has been an “illegitimate sham”.


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