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Media Malfeasance Has American Snatching Up Tactical Gear in Droves

We’re scared, and we only have the infotainment industry to blame.

There is something inherently filthy about using the news to sell television commercial space, and we are now seeing some of the symptoms of this ill-begotten system.

Our brains love excitement, of any kind.  When we feel sadness, or are angry or elated, our brain releases chemicals into the bloodstream that we find exhilarating – across the board.  We really tend to love this sensation, and that’s why we can enjoy horror films that frighten us just as much as we love romantic comedies that make us cry.

The mainstream media works on the same concept:  Any emotion can draw in viewers, whether it be fear, love, hate, or despair.

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Now add in the fact that we have multiple networks competing to feed us our next hit of brain-sauce, each one growing ever more vitriolic to out-draw the others and sell more commercials.

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These days, it seems as though the “fear” demographic is the most potent for these networks, and it’s sending Americans into a panic.

Conflict is on America’s streets in 2020, and “tactical apparel” has become a lifestyle industry serving militarized law-enforcement agents and the freelance gunmen who emulate them. Less than two weeks before Election Day, orders are rolling in. Since last year, online purchases have driven a 20-fold jump in sales of goods like the $220 CM-6M gas mask — resistant to bean-bag rounds — for Mira

Since last year, online purchases have driven a 20-fold jump in sales of goods like the $220 CM-6M gas mask — resistant to bean-bag rounds — for Mira Safety of Austin, Texas.

And that’s not all:

Unexpectedly high consumer sales maintained growth during lockdowns, according to Compass Diversified Holdings Inc., a Westport, Connecticut-based company that owns 5.11 Tactical among a portfolio that also includes Ergobaby infant carriers.

Same-store sales including e-commerce rose 10.5% in the second quarter after 7.5% growth in the first quarter, Chief Operating Officer Pat Maciariello told analysts on a conference call in July.

Let’s just hope that these purchases are wholly unnecessary anytime in the near future.


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