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Meghan McCain uses fifth grade psychology to double-dog-dare congress into action over Trump tweets

McCain’s comments were the equivalent of a fifth grader telling another fifth grader, “bet you won’t, bet you won’t” repeatedly.

It’s no secret that Meghan McCain and Donald Trump don’t get along, and it’s plainly obvious why.

McCain’s father, the late Senator John McCain, was a vocal critic of the President on several prominent occasions.  This drew the ire of Trump in return, with the Commander in Chief lashing out at the elder McCain often – sometimes even posthumously.

Meghan, who is one of the more outspoken hosts on daytime television’s The View, has taken up her father’s mantle at times, readily dispensing insults aimed at the Oval Office.  Now, however, after a series of tweets by the President have been widely lambasted as “racist”, McCain turned her attention toward Congress with a bit of juvenile psychology.

During a taping of The View, McCain went off.

Meghan McCain said, “Look, it’s deeply xenophobic and racist on a lot of different levels.”

She continued, “Stick to the politics. The problem is you’re making this about race. You’re making this about racism. You’re making this about what’s truly American, and it’s all these old racist dog whistles that have plagued this country for so long. And for me as the conservative representative on this show, I was so upset coming back yesterday. I was in D.C. with my husband, and I came back, like, this is what people think all conservatives are now, and we are not.”

She added, “The cowardice I’m seeing Republicans not speaking out and saying this today is embarrassing.”

This insult is certainly meant to prod and poke at the egos of congressional republicans, the way a 5th grader tells a bully “bet you won’t, bet you won’t” repeatedly until such a time as a black eye ensues.

As Americans continued to be divided down partisan lines, the mainstream media should be doing everything in their power to bring us together, not tear us apart.


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