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Miami Gives Up on Mask Enforcement After Governor ‘Pardoned Everything’

The intra-state fighting continues down south.

Around America, locales of all shapes and sizes are working toward regaining some semblance of normalcy, as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down on account of an emergence of a preponderance of effective vaccines.

By May 1st, President Joe Biden wants every state in the union to open up vaccinations for every adult – not just those in the elevated risk categories that are currently eligible for the vaccine.

This has many places, like Texas, moving toward ending their mask mandates and allowing businesses to resume operating under full capacity.

In Miami, Florida, local leaders were hoping to keep the precautions in place for a few more weeks, largely on account of the spring break crowds.  The Sunshine State’s governor has made that a fruitless endeavor, however.

Miami-Dade, which is among the South Florida counties hit hardest by the Chinese coronavirus, has officially stopped issuing citations to businesses and individuals for breaking local public health measures thanks to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) executive order, which he signed last week.

Miami-Dade police are no longer issue citations, the department confirmed to the Miami-Herald. According to the paper, “courts reported 46 citations for violating emergency orders” against businesses and an individual over the March 5 weekend.

“During the weekend that ended Sunday, courts received zero emergency-order citations,” the Miami-Herald reported.

The Miami-Dade police department confirmed the lack of enforcement, attributing it to the governor’s order.

“We’re no longer issuing emergency-order citations,” Det. Alvaro Zabaleta, a spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Police Department, said. “We’re no longer doing it because the governor pardoned everything.”

As for the spring breakers, mask-less mingling isn’t the most dangerous activity that they’ve been engaged in however, after several were arrested for scuffling with local police who were simply attempting to enforce the midnight curfew.


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