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Michael Cohen Slithers onto CNN to Make New Claims About Trump’s ‘Fears’

Cohen has taken to making some absurd claims in the pursuit of selling copies of his book.

When the Trump presidency is over, whether that be in 4 months or 4 more years, there will be wily cast of character forever associated with this moment in American history.

Some of these folks will be remembered as steadfast allies of the President, such as Mitch McConnell or Kellyanne Conway.  These are the folks who stood by Trump’s side through thick and thin, when the leftists of the nation were at their most vociferous.

But then there are the snakes and the wretched hive of flies who buzzed around Trump, spreading their filth in his orbit.

Former Trump lawyer Micheal Cohen certainly fits into one of these categories, and he continues to grow his mythos to this day.

Donald Trump’s former fixer and personal attorney Michael Cohen, a convicted felon, said Wednesday that he believes the primary reason the president has fought tooth-and-nail to keep his tax returns away from investigators in Congress and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is that the documents may lead to criminal tax fraud charges.

In an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Cohen said he believed the president’s stonewalling was, at best, an effort to avoid paying a “massive tax bill,” and at worst, an attempt to skirt “fraud penalties.”

“The fact that he doesn’t report the income that he claims, his wealth is not as significant, and I believe that they were probably very lenient in how they took deductions,” Cohen said. “His biggest fear is that if in fact the tax return was released, there’s a whole slew of organizations, of accountants and forensic accountants that will rip through it and he will end up with a massive tax bill, fraud penalties, fines, and possibly even tax fraud.”

Cohen has appeared sporadically on television as of late, as he prepares to do time for his lying to Congress, each time with a new angle or a new soundbite prepared.

One has to wonder if this is all just a bit of showmanship aimed at selling copies of his latest anti-Trump book.

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