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Michael Moore Accuses Trump of ‘Killing Off His Voters’ Ahead of Election

Michael Moore’s rhetoric has hit rock bottom with a week left to go in the 2020 election.

There is a very palpable tension in the air around the United States this week, as the nation stares down a hotly contested election just eight days away.

This is the election of a lifetime, and not just because the mainstream media has continually attempted to convince us of such.  This is a dichotic dirge of epic proportions, with very few undecided voters left out there in the ether.  This is a fight between ideologies as much as it is a fight between two men and their running mates, and, as such, has engaged the populace in ways not seen in over a century. 

This vitriolic affair has brought out the best in some people, but the worst in many, many others.  The sheer viciousness of the race has been something to behold, truly, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore recently took his rhetoric to a new level during an appearance on MSNBC.

“You’ve got a president that has done everything he can to lose to the point where I’ve been wondering some days, does he really want to win?” Moore outlined. “Any other president would have seized the coronavirus, taken the reins, and tried to have been the hero, especially when this was killing his largest demographic in 2016 was over 65. Instead of coming to their aid and defense, he let them die. And now we’re having this huge wave — the largest day ever with coronavirus was, I think, Friday. You know, you had Dr. Redlener on MSNBC saying this could get to 2,500 deaths a day.”

He added, “Why Trump would be killing off his voters, historians and political scientists are going to have to figure this out in the future.”

Moore would go on to insinuate that Trump was also attempting to suppress the vote, on account of what Moore believed was an inevitable electoral evisceration on the horizon.



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