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Michael Moore Says ‘White Men’ Could Be Asked to ‘Make Amends’ for ‘Trump Era’

It’s gauche.  It’s ugly.  And, frankly, it’s more than a little insidious.  But that’s Michael Moore for you.

While the entire world is currently down on its luck, some among us have allowed their egos to grow so large that sustaining them becomes a full-time job.  Michael Moore seems to fit this bill fairly succinctly.

Moore, a highly provocative liberal film maker who thrives on controversy, has taken to his podcast this week to attack President Donald Trump.  The vitriol comes as the entirety of mankind is experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic.

The Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine director devoted a significant amount of time near the end of his podcast Rumble with Michael Moore to railing against conservative white men.

“Men — especially white men have a big responsibility to make amends for the Trump era,” Moore said on Thursday. “Those amends will happen. People will see the error of their ways.” It’s worth noting that, in the 2016 election, Trump won 52 percent of white women votes and 52 percent of the male vote overall.

And while Moore is certainly entitled to his political opinion, one could supposed that he doth protest too much.

You see, Moore is making a purposefully-salacious statement in order to get attention, at a time when the world’s attention is very much focused on a much larger issue than his opinion.  Moore is cracking the sky, so to speak, hoping to simply get a word in edgewise, and so that people don’t forget that he exists while they’re consumed by a global pandemic.

It’s gauche.  It’s ugly.  And, frankly, it’s more than a little insidious.  But that’s Michael Moore for you.


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