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Michal Moore Admits That Trump is Headed for Four More Years, Shocking Democrats

Michael Moore has been railing against President Trump this week, but some of his suggestions may be right on the money.

They say that the only things certain in this life are death and taxes, but the reelection of Donald Trump in 2020 is moving up on that list as well.

The Trump 2020 campaign can thank the Democrats and their impeachment fiasco for this, as this plot to have Trump removed from office has done little but galvanize the President’s supporter base.  They see this as yet another “Deep State” coup against the man they overwhelmingly elected back in 2016, and are standing by Trump as he looks to weather this storm as well.

This hard truth has many on the left seething, and liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has now seen the writing on the wall as well.

In an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, Michael Moore said if the election were held today that President Trump would win a second term. However, Moore predicted the Democratic candidate for president would win the popular vote count by 4 to 5 million people.

Moore warned the “problem” is support for Trump in the Midwest has not gone down by “one inch” and that Trump voters are “even more rabid” than before because they are afraid he may lose.

“I think if the election were held today,” Moore said of a Trump victory. “Hillary won by 3 million popular votes. I believe whoever the Democrat is next year is going to win by 4 to 5 million popular votes. There’s no question in my mind that people who stayed home, who sat on the bench, they’re going to pour out, in California, New York and — you know, but also in Texas and whatever, I mean, places that Trump will probably win, but, yeah, there’s going to be a much higher percentage of people voting against him.”

Moore continued…

“The problem is, if the vote were today, I believe, he would win the electoral states that he would need, because, living out there, I will tell you, his level of support has not gone down one inch,” he said. “In fact, I’d say it’s even more rabid than it was before, because they’re afraid now. They’re afraid he could lose, because they watched his behavior. So they are voracious in their appetite for Donald Trump. That’s the bad news.”

The liberal documentarian earlier this week stated his belief that Donald Trump may skip the 2020 debates altogether, implying that the Commander in Chief would invent some excuse in order to do so.

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