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Mike Huckabee Accuses Bernie Sanders of Pushing 2020 Conspiracy Theory

This is just the latest of many liberal conspiracy theories that the left has cooked up as of late.

The 2020 election is already quite the strange one.

First and foremost, this is easily the most vitriolic and contemptuous election in recent memory, and perhaps even modern history.  The only other time that this nation has been this divided was 14 decades ago at the onset of the Civil War

If we’re not careful, we could end up there again.

A new threat this time around has come in the form of conspiracy theories in which politicos claim something a little ridiculous and allow their armies of followers to develop an often-salacious backstory around that claim.

Vermont Senator and former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate is now being accused of perhaps sending his followers down a similarly bizarre path.

Sen. Bernie Sanders warned Americans that the 2020 election could result in a “nightmarish scenario” of President Trump discrediting mail-in voting and refusing to leave office, but Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee told “Fox & Friends Weekend” that his prediction is a little “weird.”

Sanders told Politico on Friday that the American people must be prepared for the possibility of mail-in voting swinging the election toward Biden as ballots are counted after Election Day.

Huckabee then hit the nail on the head.

“Why is it that the left, who is pushing the mail-in ballots, are already predicting that the mail-in ballots are going to swing the election after the election to the Democrat?” he asked. “Does that not seem just a little bit weird that they’re setting us up to have that scenario?”

Huckabee went on to insist that Trump supporters vote en masse to ensure a landslide election, making it far harder for the Democrats to contest the results.

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