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Mike Pence Tells Americans That Coronavirus Testing Will Be Covered by Insurance

Finally, some good news about the illness.

Concerns are growing over a virulent pandemic emanating from the Far East this week, as Americans from coast to coast are now showing symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19.

Eleven Americans have now perished as a result of the virus, many of whom were elderly and possibly immunocompromised, and over 100 confirmed cases now exists within our borders.  New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta…the list goes on.

President Trump has insisted that everything is “under control” and, when you look at the big global picture, it truly is.  Now, Vice President Mike Pence is spreading some good news as well, after being appointed by the Commander in Chief to head up the US response to the deadly virus.

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Vice President Mike Pence tried to assuage Americans’ concerns over the potential cost they could face getting a coronavirus test should they become affected by the outbreak, saying that the test will be covered by all private insurance plans and by Medicare and Medicaid.

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Speaking a day before he departs for Washington — the state hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak – Pence said that because the Department of Health and Human Services has designated the coronavirus test as an “essential health benefit,” Americans with health insurance will not have to worry about paying out of pocket to be tested for coronavirus.

“With regard to cost, HHS has designated the test as an essential health benefit,” Pence said. “It will be covered by private insurance and Medicare/Medicaid.”

Symptoms of the virus begin like the common flu, with respiratory irritation and a fever, before devolving into something more pneumonia-like.


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