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Military Leak Reveals Photo of Chinese Rocket That Can Beat US Defenses

Just when you thought you had only Russia to worry about, here comes Beijing, hot on their heels.

Just as the American political spectrum has been split like a coconut right down the middle, so too are the impressions that we keep of the nations around the world.

Perhaps it is just the lens through which we as Americans view the world.  After all, we live in a society that is slowly marching toward segregation, divvying us up left and right, republican and democrat, woke and unwoke.

Around the world it looks as though the global community is taking sides as well, partnering up where necessary, and forming….dare we say it….”axises”.

Over in the far east, we worry at times about the relationships between Russia, North Korea, and China; two of which are mighty military powers capable of cratering our world as we know it should they pounce.

Scarier still:  China’s latest weapons tech looks capable of beating US defenses from half a world away.

CHILLING photos have been leaked onto the internet which some fear show China’s top secret 11,509mph hypersonic rocket system aimed at dodging US defences.

Images of the impressive Jia Geng No 1 rocket have emerged on Chinese media and could rock Donald Trump’s defence chiefs at the Pentagon.

The pictures are said to show a prototype missile measuring 8.7 meters (28.5 feet) from tip to tail and weighing in at nearly four tonnes.

It appears equipped with supersonic combustion ramjets – or scramjets – which suck in air at supersonic speeds leading to a much higher velocity.

Scramjets can theoretically reach a maximum speed of up to Mach 15 – which is more than 15,000 mph.

The leaked reports claim the rocket can fly at an altitude of 15 miles.

Scarier still are reports that just such a doomsday device has already been test fired in the wilds of the northern Chinese deserts.

China isn’t the only nation with hypersonic missiles, either.  Vladimir Putin and the Russian military have long touted their own version of the terrifying new war weapon – something that US observers have been keeping a keen eye on given The Kremlins continued attempts to interfere with the American way of life.

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