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Minneapolis Police Chief Makes Profound Statement on ‘Complicit’ Officers in Floyd Video


Our nation, the one founded on the self evident truth that all are created equal, is in pain.  Serious, deep-seated, profound pain.

We are looking into the mirror and realizing that we have betrayed those words of equality first written by our founding fathers, and repeated ad nauseam by patriots of all colors and backgrounds.

Our information revolution was the catalyst.  The evil actions of ill-hearted men and women are no longer just stories.  Every person with a smartphone in their pocket can turn these tirades and this brutality into evidence, as opposed to hearsay and conjecture.  If there was no video of George Floyd’s death, we would not be standing here looking into the mirror, America.

The officer who was physically responsible for Floyd’s death has been arrested, charged with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter.  Those who stood idly by, however, remain free – a fact that has kept tensions running high here in the United States.

But the time may soon come for those officer as well…at least if the Minneapolis Police Chief has anything to do with it.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said Sunday that all of the officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody, were “complicit” and that they should bear responsibility for his death.

Arradondo made the comments while appearing for an interview in which CNN correspondent Sarah Sidner conveyed a question from Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd. Asked by Philonise Floyd if Arradondo would “get justice” for his brother and arrest all of the officers involved, the police chief responded, “Being silent or not intervening, to me, you’re complicit.”

“So I don’t see a level of distinction any different. Mr. Floyd died in our hands, and so I see that as being complicit,” Arradondo added as he stood at the site of Floyd’s arrest, which is now serving as a makeshift memorial.

And, when asked why it took no time to fire the officers involved in the incident…

“There are absolute truths in life. We need air to breath. The killing of Mr. Floyd was an absolute truth that it was wrong,” he said. “I did not need days or weeks or months or processes or bureaucracies to tell me what occurred out here last Monday was wrong.”

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