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Mitt Romney Gets On Board with Biden-Burisma Probe After Impeachment Push

Romney’s sudden change of heart was surprising, to say the least.

Mitt Romney and Donald Trump don’t often see eye-to-eye.  In fact, if you were to ask either one of them for a subject on which they would agree, it wouldn’t be unheard of to have them both proudly declare that they share nothing in common.

During the UkraineGate scandal that saw President Trump impeached, Romney was on-board with the idea of removing Trump from office, as well as being only of very, very few Republicans who were amenable to the possibility of calling witnesses in the Senate trial.

Now, somewhat unexpectedly, the Utah Senator seems to be siding with his GOP cohorts when it comes to an investigation that has branched off of the now-finished impeachment probe.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) will vote to authorize a subpoena as part of Senate Republicans’ investigation into the Biden family’s dealing with Ukrainian energy giant Burisma.

The announcement comes as Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, is readying a request for an interview and documents from former Blue Star Strategies consultant Andrii Telizhenko. Burisma is alleged to have attempted to leverage its relationship with then-board member Hunter Biden to obtain access to the State Department, while his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, was in office. The younger Biden was paid a lucrative $83,000 per month to serve as a board member, despite his lack of expertise in the oil and gas industry.

“Senator Romney has expressed his concerns to Chairman Johnson, who has confirmed that any interview of the witness would occur in a closed setting without a hearing or public spectacle. He will therefore vote to let the Chairman proceed to obtain the documents that have been offered,” Romney spokesperson Liz Johnson said in a statement.

Just days earlier, Romney had expressed concerns that such an investigation would appear to be politically motivated, and hoped that any such probe would be carried out by the FBI or another non-partisan organization.


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