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Mitt Romney Says He Supports Impeachment on the Basis of ‘Unity’

Romney seems a little confused, no?

Utah Senator Mitt Romney was never really a fan of Donald Trump.  He didn’t care for the guy when he was running for President in 2016, and Romney certainly didn’t fall in love with him over the course of the ensuing 4 years.

Now, as Trump faces a possible conviction stemming from his second impeachment, Romney has said the act of impeaching Trump, as he was just days away from leaving office, was important for the “unity” of our country.

During a recent interview with Chris Wallace over at Fox News:

Romney said, “Well, we’re certainly going to have a trial. I wish that weren’t necessary, with the president’s conduct with regard to the call to the secretary of state in Georgia as well as the incitation towards the insurrection that led to the attack on the Capital calls for a trial. If we are going to have unity in our country, I think it’s important to recognize the need for accountability, for truth, and justice. So I think there will be a trial, and I hope it goes as quickly as possible, but that’s up to the council on both sides.”

He added, “I think it’s pretty clear that over the last year or so there has been an effort to corrupt the election of the United States and it was not by President Biden, it was by President Trump and that corruption we saw with regards to the conduct in Ukraine as well as the call to Secretary of state Raffensperger as well as the in citation to insurrection. I mean, this is obviously very serious and an attack on the very foundation of our democracy, and it is something that has to be considered and resolved.”

Romney may be the outlier in his party, however.

Republicans have been softening their approach to handling Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, possibly concerned that a scorned Trump could make for a rather large electoral headache in the coming years.

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