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MSNBC anchor tells the world that the democrats ‘got him’ in reference to POTUS

The left-leaning pundit admitted what many of us already knew: That the left was going to dig and dig until such a time as they could derail a fairly elected Chief Executive.

There is no doubt that democrats have been counting their chickens before they hatch…again.

The latest controversy regarding a possible impeachment of President Donald Trump has again sent the left into a frenzy.  This isn’t RussiaGate, but, instead UkraineGate – and the democrats understand that this is a must-score opportunity for them if they wish to remain in good standing with their own constituents.

That is why they’ve trotted out each and every media ally that they can in order to bolster their argument regarding the President’s alleged behavior.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews certainly falls into that aforementioned category of punditry, and his take on the subject is predictably in line with the progressive position.

“He sought to pressure the Ukrainian leader, to take action to help the president’s 2020 reelection bid. There it is, that line. He did what he’s been accused of doing. It’s impeachable,” said Matthews, reading from the complaint, along with fellow MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

“It’s a moment, and Democrats, if they’ve got brains, and any political savvy– will grab this moment. No more hearings, no more subpoenas, no more contempt citations… they’ve got him.”

The salacious idea that the President has been “gotten” is offensive on its face, as it implies that this was a longstanding effort to derail an otherwise fair and legitimate electoral determination by the nation’s voters.

Matthews is essentially admitting to what many of us have known all along:  That the left was going to dig and dig until such a time as they could attempt to impeach this president, and we’ve now reached that point.


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