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MSNBC caught off guard by interviewee who speaks to Biden-Ukraine improprieties on-air

MSNBC was positively blindsided by this New Hampshire voter’s truth bomb.

As the mainstream media continues to predictably rage against a President they’ve never not raged against, few within the “news” industry are willing to take a look at what started this entire line of questioning in the first place.

At the center of this latest push for impeachment is President Trump’s insistence on finding the truth, specifically in regard to the relationship between Joe Biden, son Hunter Biden, and the Ukrainian government.  Given the position of power that the former Vice President was in, and its conveniently coincidental timing with his son Hunter’s business success in Ukraine, this is a natural concern for a business leader to harbor.

It’s just that much of the media is refusing to acknowledge it.

MSNBC couldn’t seem to contain the truth, however, after interviewing voters in The Granite State.

A New Hampshire voter told MSNBC on Friday that House Democrats are “crazy” for pursuing an impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump and suggested the real scandal in this controversy is the one presented in Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires— that Joe “Biden got a nice little deal for his boy” in Ukraine.

Asked about how the impeachment inquiry is received by “people on the ground,” the voter noted that the business dealings of Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President and 2020 White House contender Joe Biden, received little attention until President Trump highlighted the Biden family’s possible wrongdoings.

Then came the clincher:

“Biden got a nice little deal for his boy and got a whole bunch of money for him and his firm and nobody said nothing about it,” the voter told correspondent Ali Vitali. “All of a sudden, Trump opens his mouth and says something and it’s ‘Oh my god, impeach him!’”

The mainstream media has roundly rejected the idea that anything untoward could have occurred between Joe Biden and the Ukraine’s leadership, despite their own belief that just such corruption could easily be occurring within this White House.

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