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MSNBC hosts goads protestors toward violence in ‘Salute to America’ tirade

The mainstream media was rake in HUGE ratings if the “Salute to America” turns violent.

When we look back at this period in American history, it will appear to us as though it were caked in the garish makeup of a circus clown.

Our behavior as Americans has been on a steady and saddening decline for well over a decade, and has only been exacerbated by the media and the radical left’s reaction to the election of Donald Trump.  With the Commander in Chief acting as the catalyst, we have turned the corner into full-blown panic mode, with leftist demonstrators now savagely beating conservative journalists right out in public.

These are silly times, no doubt, but they are not free from danger either.  This isn’t the circus-type clown after all, this is the Ed-Gein-in-a-costume sort of clown.

The mainstream media has long been acting as the accomplice of this descent into democratic dementia, fanning the flames of our political divide because drama sells.

With the eyes of this beloved nation all focused on Washington DC this evening, some in the infotainment industry are even exuding the idea that violence will break out.

The following came from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews:

“There is, of course, a danger being risked in such a promenade tomorrow. Many who come to Washington will come to champion his president, this president. Others here in Washington on the Mall tomorrow will not be so moved. A country already divided with such malice by this president faces the peril of driving that wedge even deeper between us. To hope for violence would be, of course, be treasonous. Not to expect it would be naive. The details and costs of Trump’s Marshall spectacle tomorrow have already ignited wide disgust.”

Later in the show, Matthews went even further, insulting a wide swatch of Trump’s base.

“My fear is a lot of people are going to show up who are pro-Trump, they’re going to have their Confederate flags flying and their license plates and all kinds of trouble making. There will be a lot of other people that are going to meet like in a storm, and you’re going have a real conflict out there…”

This is predictive programming at best, and outright goading at worst.

Matthews and the rest of the media stand to profit greatly from civil unrest on the National Mall, as Americans of all political stripe would surely tune in if things get heated.

America, I implore you:  Do not fall for it.

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