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MSNBC Pushes Another Conspiracy Theory: Martial Law Ahead of 2020 Election

Is this MSNBC or Infowars?

Conspiracy theories aren’t just for Alex Jone anymore, it seems.

Jones, the clandestine host of the Infowars conspiracy theory network, has been warning the nation about the coming of “martial law” for literal decades.  He predicted that both George W. Bush and Barack Obama would declare martial law as a way to remain in power indefinitely, all as a part of his paranoid, on-air persona that’s truly little more than extrapolations of the work of men like Bill Cooper.

Now, as unidentified federal agents continued to snatch protesters out of the street in Portland, Oregon, Alex Jones is oddly quiet about the prospect of martial law.

No worries though:  MSNBC has taken up the reins of his bizarre theory. 

Thursday, MSNBC’s John Heilemann decried President Donald Trump’s handling of violent protests in Portland, OR, and other cities across the United States as the country approaches the 2020 presidential election.

His words echoed the thoughts of Jones in years past.

“This is what would happen if you were an authoritarian president who was preparing to resist a loss in the election,” warned Heilemann. “You would be saying the things that Donald Trump is saying, and you would be gradually rolling out federal police power into the states against the wishes of the mayors and governors in question. This is how it would happen. This is how the movie would play out.”

He continued, “And anybody who’s not looking at this with a state of alarm and concern and worried about is this president going to employ, formally, martial law, at some point. … Is that on the president’s mind? Is there anybody having watched Donald Trump for the last three and a half years who doesn’t think Donald Trump would try to employ martial law if he thought that was the only way he could stay in power. I ask you, Joe, is there anybody who’s sensible who comes on this show who doesn’t think that that’s possible?”

But, then again, what’s sensible about parroting the beliefs of a guy like Alex Jones?

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