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Mueller Report Casts Doubt on Authenticity of Salacious Steele Dossier

The salacious claims made in the Steele Dossier were just too weird to be true after all.

Of all the maddening twists and turns contained within the saga of Robert Mueller’s investigation into “RussiaGate”, nothing quite compares to the story of the Steele Dossier.

The document purports that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has been blackmailing Donald Trump with video tapes of unsanitary sex acts he performed, (or were performed for and on him), by prostituted in Moscow.

It sounds absolutely ludicrous because, well, it is.

Furthermore, the entire fabrication of the Steele Dossier itself has deep rooted connections to Trump’s 2016 presidential opponent Hillary Clinton.

Despite the unwavering belief in the dossier’s validity held by the left side of the aisle, there are serious doubts about its authenticity…including concerns outlined by Robert Mueller in his now-infamous report.

Special counsel Robert Mueller found that the two most dramatic claims in British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s now-infamous dossier likely lacked substance: that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen met with Putin operatives in Prague in the summer of 2016 and that the Russians obtained compromising material on Trump.

Mueller’s report confirmed that Cohen “had never traveled to Prague,” and referred to the existence of compromising tapes of Trump as an “unverified allegation.”

The ramifications of this debunking are mighty, to say the least.

Because Steele’s dossier was used in applications for surveillance under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is inspecting FISA abuse, is reportedly focusing on Steele. Steele has declined to cooperate with the probe.

If the dossier doest find itself wholly discredited, the democrats will undoubtedly be in dire straits.

Attorney General Bill Barr has vowed to investigate the Mueller investigation’s impetus from his perch atop the Department of Justice.

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