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Music festival with race-based pricing scheme gets ROASTED by social media

Eventbrite has claimed that the pricing structure was in clear violation of their terms of service.

Racism is a scourge, and only the perpetrators themselves tend to disagree with that fact.

We, as Americans, are created equal…It’s that simple.  You are born unto this great nation with opportunity splayed out before you, ready to be harvested by the strong willed and talented.

Yes, there have been some might mishaps along the way – instances in which we have strayed from the path and institutionalized hatred and bigotry in shameful ways.  We have endured slavery, segregation, discrimination, and just plain un-American behavior over the course of our history, but recognizing that we had a problem is always the first step to finding a solution.

In the year 2019, however, we have all but kicked this habit to the curb – at least when it comes to our daily interactions with one another.  There are still pockets of hatred, certainly, but thanks to the power of the internet and our our own goodwill we have been able to target and shame those who continue to espouse such hateful beliefs.

Now, as the pendulum swings again, reverse racism is beginning to rear its ugly head, and Americans aren’t standing for it.

The AfroFuture music festival in Detroit has been forced to reverse their policy of charging white people double the price for tickets, after the ticketing website Eventbrite warned that they do not allow discriminatory pricing structures.

The festival, set to take place August 3rd, was initially offering different ticket prices based on the race of the attendee. For white people, or “non-persons of color,” early bird tickets cost $20, compared with $10 for people of color. For those planning on buying tickets closer to the event date, white people were asked to pay $40 compared with $20 for people of color.

One artist has already canceled their appearance at the event, explaining that the ticket pricing scheme was created “out of spite”.

Twitter users were equally angry.

Eventbrite has claimed that the pricing structure was in clear violation of their terms of service.


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