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MUST SEE: College Partiers Assault Police Trying to Break Up Gathering

You won’t even believe how these kids treated the police!

The overall view of police in America has changed drastically over the course of the last few decades, particularly as local law enforcement continues to become militarized at an alarming rate.

The issue here is  tricky one:  Liberty-loving Americans don’t want their town’s police department to have tanks and armored cars and machine guns, but they also want to make sure that those sworn to protect us can keep up with the bad guys too.

The issue has led to a number of alarming incidents recently, in which citizens treat their local police with a complete and utter lack of respect.

Boulder police said partiers at a massive CU street party Saturday night assaulted three officers with bricks and rocks and caused significant property damage.

Police spokesperson Dionne Waugh said detectives are reviewing a large amount of video evidence of the incidents with the goal “to charge and identify” individuals involved in the destruction.

One armored police vehicle sustained “heavy damage,” as did a fire truck, Waugh said.

In a statement released on Twitter, Boulder Police Chief Maris said detectives will “identify and arrest those responsible for this reprehensible and unacceptable behavior” and encouraged anyone with information to send it to police.

Scenes from the brawl were soon circulating on social media.

Boulder Police released a statement explaining that their original reason for attempting to disperse the partygoers was to enforce local COVID-19 guidelines.

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