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MUST SEE: Portland Autonomous Zone Beefs Up Security with Military-Style Barriers

You have to see it to believe it.

Things are getting downright uncivil in Portland, Oregon as of late, as a number of far-left radicals has created yet another “autonomous zone” in the city.

This has been the hot new trend in protests over the course of the last year, with catchy-named areas being cordoned off by protesters, and declared to be “autonomous” from their surroundings.  Often, the police and city officials will let the kids play for a few weeks until things get heated, and then they’ll roll up a few dumpsters and abruptly dismantle these shanty-towns.

In Portland this week, however, the protesters have taken a page out of the military’s book, and the situation is beginning to look fairly serious. 

Radical leftists erected warzone-syle barricades to block Portland, Oregon, police from enforcing an eviction order on the occupants of what is known as “the Red House on Mississippi.” The barricade is at least three blocks wide and in some places consists of a six-layer fence and barricade.

Earlier this week, protesters repelled Portland police officers to came out to assist the local sheriff’s office in serving a legal eviction order on a foreclosed house. As officers arrived, protesters fought back violently and repelled the officers, Breitbart News reported.

Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler, recently re-elected in a runoff election, promised to restore order and pledged, “There will be no autonomous zone in Portland.”

Two days later the leftists continued to illegally occupy the newly established autonomous zone and expanded it to its now three-block diameter. Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell said his department was aware of a “stockpile of weapons” and the “presence of firearms.”

Photos from the scene were soon circulating on social media.

These stunts, which have occurred in Seattle, Portland, and briefly in Washington DC, have irked President Trump to no end, and prompted the Commander in Chief to chastise the mayors of these cities over their inability to hold their own streets.

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