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MUST SEE VIDEO: Strange object caught hovering over Area 51 as military aircraft operate nearby

What in the world is going on in the Nevada desert?!

In American UFO folklore, no place is more important than Area 51.

The not-so-secret airbase located in the Nevada desert has played host to a number of wild theories over the course of its known existence.  Some say that the military installation is simply a remote testing facility where the United States engineers and flies top secret aircraft before bringing this technology into the mainstream.

For others, however, the heavily guarded patch of land is thought to house the remnants of extraterrestrial craft that are in various states of reverse engineering – a theory bolstered by the absolutely impenetrable security out at Groom Lake.

Heck, there are some who even believe that bodies of extraterrestrial life forms have been stored there in the wake of flying saucer crashes in the United States.

Whatever may be the case, the location has attracted no shortage of lookie-loos who risk life and limb to catch a glimpse of something bizarre in the desert skies.

One YouTuber recently recorded a startling piece of video that purports to show not only the known military aircraft used to guard the base, but also a bizarre object hovering just over one of Area 51’s runways.

Hikers scaled Tikaboo Peak in Navada to overlook the secretive base which is thought to be where the latest aircraft technology is tested.

Speculators claim the mysterious US Air Base has been closed down – but YouTuber Adventures with Christian captured helicopters, trucks and planes there.

And 11 minutes in to his 22-minute video a strange floating white UFO can be seen close to a plane entering a hangar – though it is unlikely to be alien activity.

The footage is certainly worth taking a look at:

While this certainly isn’t proof-positive of alien lifeforms or their technology being hidden in the Nevada desert, the hair-raising encounter shared by this father-son team of amateur investigators certainly provides more questions than it does answers.

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