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My Pillow CEO Lashes Out at Dominion Voting Systems, Says He ‘Welcomes’ Lawsuit

Mike Lindell is ready to take it to court.

Over the course of the last few weeks, President Donald Trump has been shedding confidantes at a dramatic pace.

Sure, some of this is expected.  Outgoing Presidents will always have some plankton swim off into the darkness when the meals start coming fewer and more far between.

But Trump was a controversial president to begin with, and that’s precisely the sort of trait that can make some establishment types uncomfortable.  As Trump’s presidency turned more unique, so did his inner circle.

In the waning days of Trump’s first term, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has been advising President Trump on matters pertaining to the 2020 election – particularly as it pertains to the use of Dominion Voting Systems to tabulate the vote.

The corporation has taken major offense to Lindell’s suggestions of wrongdoing, and are now preparing to sue him for defamation.

Lindell is unmoved by the threat.

In a letter dated December 23, attorneys for Dominion asserted that Lindell has “participated in the vast and concerted misinformation campaign to slander Dominion.” They demanded that Lindell stop “making defamatory claims against Dominion” and preserve all documents related to the his “smear campaign” against the company. “Litigation regarding these issues is imminent,” the letter said.

Lindell told CBS News’ Sara Cook late Monday, “I want them to sue me. Please. Because I have all the evidence, 100%. I want all the American people and the world to see the horrific things that these (Dominion voting) machines are capable of and what they did to our country and what — they’re allowing other countries to steal our election and just to hijack our election.

“I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat: All American people need to know the truth that this happened. So I’m welcoming Dominion because it will be found out. They’re just doing this now to try and scare me.”

“We have 100% proof that China and these other countries did it,” Lindell continued. “… So I welcome Dominion to come after me because I guess the word would come out a lot sooner than waiting for the Supreme Court to open this thing up.”

Lindell was recently photographed exiting the White House, and eagle-eyed observers noticed that the notes he was carrying with him seemed to feature the phrase “martial law”, raising eyebrows around the nation.


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