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Nancy Pelosi ratchets up the rhetoric on POTUS in fiery stunt

Will American civility survive these sorts of stunts?

Thursday morning, after an already long and tumultuous week, may not have been the best time for Nancy Pelosi to be taking pot shots at the President.

Yet, there she was, rattling off a list of things that she could have said about President Trump had he taken her offer to bring infrastructure legislation to the forefront of our political priorities.

Instead, however, both sides seem to be holding each other hostage in the sort of toxic relationship that you’d expect to find in meth country, or on an episode of Live PD.

Congressional democrats won’t stop snooping through Trump’s private life until they have the dirt they want on the Commander in Chief, and the President isn’t looking to allow them to succeed at both muckraking and legislating.

The only loser in this fight so far are We The People.

Instead of recognizing this and attempting to work with the President today, Nancy Pelosi instead took to insulting him on live television.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told her Democratic colleagues Thursday that President Donald Trump “wants to be impeached” so that he can be vindicated by the Senate.

Pelosi made the comments at a closed-door morning meeting, two Democratic aides told NBC News, who also said that Pelosi called Trump’s actions “villainous.”

The aide said that Pelosi was implying that she will stick to her current plan to keep investigating the president and his administration without jumping to impeachment, though she didn’t explicitly address strategy in her remarks.

“Let me be very clear: the president’s behavior, as far as his obstruction of justice, the things that he is doing, it’s in plain sight, it cannot be denied — ignoring subpoenas, obstruction of justice,” Pelosi told reporters at her weekly press conference Thursday following the closed-door meeting.

The civility of our nation is at great peril in these trying times, and Pelosi’s hysteria could be construed as a dangerous dog whistle by some of the less stable “resistance” figures in the offing.

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