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Nashville Police Arrest Man in Truck Playing Similar ‘Countdown’ Message to Bomber

The incident resulted in some heavy charges for the accused.

In the wee hours, just as dawn’s first rays of sunlight began to trickle onto the bank of the mighty Cumberland River, Nashville was rocked by a deafening and devastating explosion.

The blast emanated from an RV parked on Second Street, just feet away from some of Music City’s most iconic tourist destinations.  And while terrorism was first suspected in the case, (what with the symbolism of Christmas and the utter size of the blast), there were a few notable differences between this explosion and one meant to inflect severe psychological trauma.

Most obvious was the fact that the vehicle itself was broadcasting a warning to all those within earshot, announcing quite specifically that an explosion was set to take place.

This recorded countdown was heard again over the weekend, coming from a truck in the parking lot of a convenience store.

The driver of a box truck who caused a scare Sunday outside a convenience store by playing similar audio that was heard coming from a recreational vehicle that exploded in downtown Nashville is facing felony charges, a Tennessee sheriff’s office announced.

The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office said late Sunday that members of a church and customers at the nearby market where the white box truck was spotted Sunday morning heard the driver playing audio “similar to what was heard” before the RV exploded in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day.

Sgt. Steve Craig said deputies were called to investigate reports of the truck driver playing audio “loudly” outside the market and later learned that the man was also accused of similar actions outside a church during a service.

The police then threw the book at the suspect.

The sheriff’s office said in a statement that 33-year-old driver James Turgeon had been detained and charged with two counts of felony filing a false report and one count of tampering with evidence. Officials say Turgeon was charged with evidence tampering because he “damaged the speaker system wiring intentionally.”

He was being held on $500,000 bond, authorities said.

The suspect in the Christmas bombing was killed in the explosion, according to DNA evidence gathered at the scene.

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