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National Weather Service baffled by UFO’s over Kansas City

Did some little green men have themselves a hankering for Kansas City bar-b-cue?

2019 has been a resurgent year for the subject of unidentified flying objects thanks in no small part to a number of recent government disclosures.

In the past few months alone, we have been told not only that the Navy had been experience absolutely wild encounters with unknown objects darting about the sky, but just yesterday it was revealed that Congress was briefed on the subject as well.  At least one Congressman intimatied the national security threat that these craft could pose in a statement after the meeting on Wednesday.

Yesterday a number of strange objects were observed in the skies over Kansas City, Missouri, leaving locals and authorities baffled.

Flying objects over Kansas City on Thursday night sparked the interest of locals and — for a while — had stumped people looking for answers.

KMBC 9 in Kansas City said on Twitter it had fielded “several calls” regarding two strange orbs floating over Kansas City International Airport.

Twitter users were quick to summon the National Weather Service with theories that the objects could be weather balloons.

Then this happened:

Local news stations tweeted photos of the UFO’s as well.

Then the folks from DARPA stepped in…

In the end, KMBC reporter William Joy appears to have solved the mystery. He tweeted that a spokesperson from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency told him, “given the position, it is likely one of their balloons in test flight.”

According to its website, DARPA’s mission is “to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security.”

It seems that, while people do travel far and wide to get a taste of Kansas City bar-b-cue, this isn’t an instance of an interplanetary hankering for ribs.


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