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Nat’l Intelligence Chiefs Slams Schiff, Tells Nation That Russia Docs are Cleared for Release

How long is Schiff going to keep playing hide and seek with the truth?

My what a difference a few years makes, eh?

It wasn’t that long ago that the nation was enthralled by a mysterious conspiracy theory known as “RussiaGate”, in which the Democrats cooked up a tall tale tying President Donald Trump to The Kremlin, insinuating that he was working on Russia’s behalf – all in return for Russia’s alleged assistance in getting Trump elected.

Of course, the 22-month-long, $25 million Mueller Report turned up no charges for Trump, essentially exonerating the President.

But other acquaintances of the President were charged with crimes, however, including General Michael Flynn.  The former national security adviser was charged with lying to the FBI, but is now attempting to withdraw his earlier guilty plea on account of new information in the case – including a handwritten note by the interviewing agents in which they openly considered tricking Flynn into lying in order to pin a charge on him.

This has led to a number of requests for further documentation regarding the RussiaGate interviews, but House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff isn’t playing along with that idea.

Now, someone a bit higher up the flagpole is giving Schiff an earful about it.

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has told House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff that transcripts from the panel’s Russia probe are cleared for public release, as House Republicans demand access to the materials.

Grenell penned a letter — obtained by Fox News — this week to Schiff, D-Calif., notifying him that transcripts of all 53 interviews — which add up to more than 6,000 pages in total — related to foreign interference in the 2016 election can be released.

“All of the transcripts, with our required redactions, can be released to the public without any concerns of disclosing classified material,” Grenell wrote to Schiff in a letter dated May 4.

The committee, in September 2018, voted in “unanimous and bipartisan fashion” to release the transcripts of witness interviews that they conducted during the panel’s Russia probe. In November 2018, the committee transmitted the transcripts to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for an “interagency classification review to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of classified information.”

Grenell, in the letter to Schiff, said that the review of 43 of the 53 transcripts “was completed in June 2019.”

Schiff was similarly obstructive during the Democrats’ “formal impeachment inquiry”, which concluded when the Senate swiftly voted to acquit the President on two articles of impeachment stemming from the separate “UkraineGate” scandal.


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