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Nat’l Security Expert: Biden Returning to Iran Nuclear Deal Would Be a ‘Disaster’

The longtime Washington resource warned the incoming administration against creating any more diplomatic whiplash.

President Donald Trump told the world plainly that his plan was to enter the White House and reverse a number of Obama-era policies that had long-infuriated the Republican right.

Obamacare was one of the most prominent targets on Trump’s list, with No. 45 only accomplishing a small portion of that lofty goal thanks to unforeseen roadblocks at the highest levels of our judicial system.

Another of Trump’s plans was to reverse the Iran nuclear deal, signed off on by Obama, that seemed to allow a plethora of backdoor options for the Persian nation to pursue their goal of possessing a nuclear arsenal.  President Trump was successful in rescinding the agreement, even touching off a bit of a military exchange between DC and Tehran.

Now, as Joe Biden prepares to take office, an expert in national security is warning the former VP about reversing Trump’s maneuver.

President-elect Joe Biden should not rejoin the 2015 Iran nuclear deal once he takes office, former National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster told “Special Report” Wednesday.

McMaster told host Bret Baier that the deal forged with the Tehran regime by then-Secretary of State John Kerry failed to consider the “hostile ideology” of the Iranian government and the 40 years of proxy wars Iran has fought against America.

“These big payoffs to Iran when the deal was signed, as well as the relief of sanctions … what did they do with that money?” McMaster asked rhetorically. “They applied that money to intensify sectarian violence across the region in an effort to put a proxy army on the border of Israel.”

“It would be a really big mistake to turn the clock back to 2016 and resurrect the nuclear deal,” McMaster emphasized. “The Iran nuclear deal was a political disaster masquarading as a diplomatic triumph.”

McMaster also looked to remind the country that presidential transition processes are vulnerable times for our nation, urging a peaceful and uneventful next few weeks.

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