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NBC colludes with Facebook to silence conservative news juggernaut The Epoch Times

This dastardly collaboration is just a taste of things to come in 2020.

While some in the world of Big Tech believe that their status as “private” companies should allow them to silence anyone and everyone with whom they disagree,

That argument, albeit legally sound at this date and time, will likely find itself under an onslaught of religious challenges in the coming weeks – especially as we lurch ever closer to the 2020 election.

The issue on the horizon is one of fairness and of public knowledge.  Should Big Tech and their social media hitmen decide to take sides in the election through the use of censorship or otherwise, they would be literally interfering with the ability of the American populace to educate themselves before the polling begins.

That, my friends, is borderline treasonous.

This hasn’t stopped folks like NBC and Facebook from teaming up, however, in order to attack conservative news sites such as The Epoch Times.

Facebook has banned The Epoch Times, a conservative news outlet that spent more money on pro-Trump Facebook advertisements than any group other than the Trump campaign, from any future advertising on the platform.

The decision follows an NBC News report that The Epoch Times had shifted its spending on Facebook in the last month, seemingly in an effort to obfuscate its connection to some $2 million worth of ads that promoted the president and conspiracy theories about his political enemies.

“Over the past year we removed accounts associated with the Epoch Times for violating our ad policies, including trying to get around our review systems,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “We acted on additional accounts today and they are no longer able to advertise with us.”

This wasn’t Facebook acting alone, however.  This was a coordinated effort.

Facebook’s decision came as a result of a review prompted by questions from NBC News. The spokesperson explained that ads must include disclaimers that accurately represent the name of the ad’s sponsors.

Concerns over tech bias have been running rampant in recent months, even prompting the President to hold a special “social media summit” at the White House in July.

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