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Neo-Nazi’s neutered after locals acquire all the ale in town

No booze for you!

Neo-Nazis may talk a big game when it comes to alleged “racial purity”, (or whatever nonsensical drivel it is they’re spouting at any given time), but that’s not of their own free will, nor does it come from years of heavy, thoughtful contemplation.

This “ethos”, (I use that term as loosely as possible here), is nothing more than a marketing strategy for these Rat Kings fo the trash pile.  These so-called “white supremacists” aren’t born this way, and they certainly didn’t learn this hatred in school.  Instead, they are often picked out of low-income groups of disenfranchised youths, targeted by “Aryan” gang leaders as vulnerable and willing to blame their own problems on some invisible enemy.

And let me explain this very clearly:  There is no physical or genetic distinction that makes someone your enemy.  That’s a choice that you make, or is made for you in this case.

Neo-Nazis and their dimwitted kin are created by opportunistic lowlifes who recognize the despondent nature of young adults.  They forge these hormones into hate, choosing a common enemy, and then, with the rest of the world shaking their fist at them, reinforce their “brotherhood” by playing the victim.

It’s all a ruse, and no human being is born to hate, the same way that no human being is born inferior to another based on race or ethnicity.

So, we must do all that we can to take the supposed “fun” out of joining these gangs of brainwashed teens and their angry elders.

One town in Germany certainly gets it.

Law enforcement officials and citizens united to empty a German town’s supply of beerahead of a music festival planned for this past weekend, over concerns that alcohol could increase the risk of violence among neo-Nazi attendees expected to arrive. With the support of a court-imposed alcohol ban, police successfully confiscated over 1,162 gallons of beer.

Around 600 people flocked to the Schild und Schwert (Shield and Sword) Festival in the town of Ostritz, Saxony, for the event that began on Friday, Newsweek reports. Locals, however, were prepared with a plan of their own.

Before the event, a Dresden court banned the sale and possession of alcohol for the festivalgoers over safety concerns. Police swiftly seized approximately 1,162 gallons of beer between Friday and Saturday, with locals pitching in to purchase over 200 crates of beer from Ostritz grocery stores.

In a positive sign of the times, this year’s gathering of imbecilic cretins was significantly smaller than in previous years.

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