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New Batman movie to be shown under police supervision in New York City

The ‘Joker’ controversy continues.

As the nation prepares for the latest installment in cinematic universe belonging to Batman, some are concerned that the film could cause mass violence when it hits the public later this week.

The concerns harken back to 2012, when mentally disturbed young man James Holmes opened fire in a crowded movie theater that was showing The Dark Knight Rises, another film in the Batman franchise.  Holmes took 12 lives that day, and caused several dozen more serious injuries.

Just days ago, an anonymous threat emerged online in which the author claimed that they would committing a similar atrocity at a screening of Joker, which is set to be released on Thursday.  This has prompted a number of extraordinary security measures to be implemented for theaters, including in New York City.

New York City police will deploy officers to theaters screening Joker this weekend, the department confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Days ago, Los Angeles police announced its department would do the same in the wake of a wave of unease the dark Warner Bros. film has evoked for some after three more mass shootings took place over the summer and in light of the film’s indirect connection to a mass shooting that took place seven years ago.

Police insist that this is all a precaution.

“There are no specific or credible threats at this time and these events will continue to be closely monitored,” New York City police told THR. “Any additional personnel will be deployed as needed.”

The New York Post reported Monday that NYPD chief of patrol Rodney Harrison directed all the city’s precincts to provide police coverage at theaters showing the movie.

Police sources told The Post that uniformed patrol officers will also be sent to AMC theaters throughout the city.

Families of those affected by the 2012 shooting recently reached out to Warner Bros., producers of Joker, to express concerns that their grittier take on the infamous villain could spark violence the nation over.


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