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New Climate Catastrophe Looming as Siberian Anthrax Awakens

And what do ancient mass cattle graves have to do with it?

Mainstream science has long been ringing the bells of doom when it comes to our planet’s climate, but their latest assertion is downright horrifying.

We’ve grown accustomed to the dramatic shots of starving polar bears sloshing around in spring-like conditions in the far north, and we’ve always assumed that we were witnessing the harbingers of climate doom taking their final steps toward a warm, watery grave.

In reality, those now-iconic photographs were taken out of context…at least according to the man who took them.

Now, science has a far more worrisome threat to peddle in the “global warming” story:  Anthrax.

Cities built on permafrost in Russia are now seeing temperatures which could destroy their infrastructure and result in anthrax poisoning.

In some parts of Russia, anthrax is known as the “Siberian plague”.

This is because the anthrax bacteria, which can occur naturally in the soil, has been killing livestock and people there for hundreds of years.

Anthrax and other deadly disease-causing bacteria can lie dormant in permafrost or ice and will only be released if melting occurs.

Worse still, some of these diseases are so far removed from contact with modern humans that they could be considered “superbugs”, imperious to modern medicine.

But that’s not the only truly terrifying possibility, either.  According to scientists, anthrax and other diseases could be spread for hundreds of miles as the thawing permafrost exposes giant pockets of trapped gasses.

Scientists also fear that the diseases could be spread all over the world due to craters in the Serbian permafrost known as frozen “methane bombs” which could erupt if they thaw.

Biologist Boris Kershengolts told the Telegraph: “If the area of these emissions overlaps with the burials of animals or humans who died from diseases in previous centuries, these spores and pathogens could spread over a huge area. It would be a disaster not just for the Arctic. The catastrophe could exceed Chernobyl.”

Oddly, the anthrax issues in Sibera could stem from ancient mass graves of infected cattle, whose decompositional bacteria could be carried into human areas.

Stranger still, the location of these mass cattle graves is a state secret in Russia.

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