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New Evidence Points to Manual Strangulation of Jeffrey Epstein

The intrigue rises yet again in the curious case of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide.

The alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein has become a pop culture phenomenon, and the latest news out of the case is sure to stir things up a bit.

Normally, suicide is not such a flippant matter as to become the butt of internet jokes and social media memes, but Jeffrey Epstein was an ostensibly bad dude, having been convicted of “solicitation” in a sweetheart plea deal on charges of child sex trafficking back in 2008.

Over a decade later and just before his death, Epstein was arrested on similar charges and transferred to one of the most secure prison facilities anywhere in the nation.  The previously convicted pedophile almost immediately attempted suicide, and was subsequently placed under enhanced  suicide supervision.  Then, inexplicably, Epstein was removed from suicide watch at the behest of his own lawyer, and was found dead in his cell of a suspected suicide by hanging days later.

The investigation into his suicide was fraught with frightening coincidences, such as Epstein’s guards sleeping on the job while falsifying their work logs, and the complete malfunction of cameras in and near Epstein’s cell.

His autopsy was also rife with information inconsistent to a suicide, including injuries to the neck that were often consistent with being strangled.

A pathologist this week is adding fuel the the conspiratorial fire with his observations on the case.

A forensic pathologist has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein was likely murdered and did not hang himself because he had burst capillaries in his eyes which is consistent with manual strangulation and not hanging, can reveal.

In an exclusive clip from a Dr. Oz special set to air on Thursday, pathologist Dr. Michael Baden examines photographs of Epstein’s eyes and other parts of his lifeless body taken during his autopsy.

Dr. Baden was among physicians in the room when Epstein’s autopsy took place.

He says it is highly unusual that the cause of his death went from being undetermined – when it was first ruled – to suicide by hanging five days later.

Epstein’s suicide has become fodder for conspiracy theorists due to the deceased’s wealth and his connections to the upper crust of society – including Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

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