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New ‘Harris-Biden’ Campaign Naming Scheme Reeks of Woke Pandering

This feels like some focus-group gobbledygook.

On Tuesday, what was thought to be a slip-up by vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris turned into a whole thing.

During a campaign event, the Senator and former prosecutor referred to the hypothetical administration that she would be involved in as the “Harris administration” – a strange thing to say considering she’d be working for President Joe Biden.

Of course, those who have long believed that Joe Biden’s time in office would be shortened due to his health make wry cracks on Twitter about him being done before he even gets started.

But then, later in the afternoon, Biden himself referred to the possibly incoming team as the “Harris-Biden administration”.

Former Vice President Joe Biden pitched U.S. military veterans on the notion of a “Harris-Biden administration” on Tuesday afternoon during a campaign swing through Florida.

Biden, who has aroused concerns over his fitness for the presidency in recent weeks, told reporters in Tampa that a White House helmed by himself and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) would work to expand opportunities not only for veterans, but military families as well.

“It’s so much harder for military spouses to find good jobs and build their careers,” the Democrat nominee said. “We have to change that and we’re working on it… for example making it easier to carry your professional credentials with you, from one state to another, when your spouse moves.

“The Harris-Biden administration will relaunch that effort and make it easier for military spouses and veterans meaningful careers, to ensure teachers know how to support military children in the classroom, and to improve support for caregivers and survivors so much more than we do now,” the former vice president added.

Given the Democrats’ unending passion for pandering, there is certainly the possibility that a leftist-led focus group convinced the campaign to play the mixup off, and in fact reinforce it, on account of how putting the female candidate’s name first would resonate with young and “woke” voters.


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