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New Media Censorship Push Has Liberty Advocates Sounding Alarm

Journalists have taken to comparing the move to the dreaded McCarthyism of the 1950’s

Without the freedom of speech, America will cease to exist; this is undeniable as our nation was built for the purpose of protecting liberty.

When this freedom is oppressed, even a minute amount, we suffer from the swelling waves of tyranny that are always, inexorably, crashing at our walls.  Once, it was a big red wave of British colonialism.  Today, it may very well be The Kremlin whose suffocating swells crest over the barriers.  In either case, if we cannot identify and publicize the threats that we face, we are helpless to the slow, drowning death of all liberty as we know it.

Diversity of thought is what makes America strong.  We have to be able to look at one another – neighbor, family, or friend – and have a very real conversation about our political values.  We can’t have the shouting and the salaciousness of the mainstream infotainment industry dictating the tone of our person-to-person interactions, and we certainly can’t have it being the only game in town.

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Still, there are those out there looking to neuter our American right to free speech, specifically on the internet, and specifically targeting political news sites.

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Poynter Institute claims on its “About” page that “it champions freedom of expression.” And yet, on another page, Poynter published a list of 515 media sites, including Breitbart News, that it wants blacklisted and shut down.

Poynter calls this list an “index of unreliable news sites” and is openly calling for advertisers to stop sponsoring these sites, to pull their sponsorship, to put these sites out of business.

Political observers are likening the idea to McCarthyism, and the “Red Scare” that America endured after World War II.


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