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New Poll Shows Bad News for POTUS Ahead of Thursday’s Mueller Report Release

We must be wary of those who would attempt to divide us tomorrow, as our nation faces a reckoning the likes of which none us of have ever seen.

Tomorrow could be one of the most important days in modern American history, and, as it turns out, We The People aren’t too optimistic about it.

Thursday is the day in which Attorney General Bill Barr will finally release this redacted version of the Mueller report to public and to Congress.  This is the sort of historical event that will certainly warrant a nickname in the press; perhaps “Black Thursday” or something of the sort, and it will forever change the way that our government operates…for better or for worse.

The democrats are clamoring for transparency, floating the premature notion that Barr’s reductions will serve only to protect the President, who they still believe may be a Russia asset.  For them, perhaps no version of the report will truly slake their thirst for Trumps’ head on a platter, and Thursday’s release will only mark a new set of tactics in their quest for the uncensored report.

The President himself has been taking pot shots at Mueller and Co. all week, preparing for whatever turgid reactions may arise in DC come tomorrow.

But, what about the American people?  After all, we are in charge of making certain that our “public servants” are doing right by us.  (Thank you First and Second Amendments for that).

Unfortunately, new polling suggests that We The People don’t have high hopes for the “exoneration” of the President come week’s end.

The poll, by the Navigator research project, was conducted between April 1-7, after Attorney General William Barr publicly released his summary of the report on March 24. Navigator describes itself as a group of top Democratic pollsters and progressive leaders focused on the party’s messaging during the Trump era.

Barr wrote in his summary that Mueller did not find a criminal conspiracy between Trump’s campaign and Russia but that Mueller was inconclusive on whether Trump obstructed justice. Trump and his allies immediately heralded the summary as a total exoneration, but poll respondents indicated they don’t agree.

Only 30 percent of respondents accept the president’s interpretation that he was fully exonerated of wrongdoing. Meanwhile, 45 percent said they believe the Mueller report is inconclusive, and 18 percent said they don’t know enough to make a judgment.

For many Americans, it seems, the old adage about finding fire where there is smoke still applies.

Above all, however, we must remember this one thing:  This is not a partisan issue, no matter how often the media and the political ruling class steer us in that direction.  This is not a “left versus right” situation whatsoever.

This is Us, the American people, making damn sure that our nation remains free and unmolested by would-be foreign meddling, and having the wherewithal to stand up for what’s right.

Do not let them divide us tomorrow.  The sanctity of our liberty depends on it.

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